The Moon is in Cancer at the moment, an emotional and highly sensitive placement coming up to a Full Moon in Leo.

Mars is still in Sagittarius, so there is energy, but it is tending toward a sureness of being right, and optimism all around that.

Here’s how to avoid misplacing optimism for the next little bit of time.

This Full Moon is bringing to a culmination a confident sense of knowing what is right, how things will go, turn out, and of what events are really made or arising from.  This may not be the case.  There are elements at work to cloud issues and relationships, surprises which could turn out to be revelatory or disappointing, but what is called for is standing back in openness, with beginner’s mind.

Freshness, innocence, and curiosity will best serve at this time.

Not only do we not know everything, we don’t even know what we don’t know.

This is an era of surprises, and met with openness, brings gifts; met with rigidity, brings conflict.

The roots of all conflict and aggression, frustration and disappointment come from inside, and the world is mirroring the internal landscape sooner and with greater clarity than ever, because we have such need of awakening now.

The archetype card picked for this Full Moon is The Riddle.  A riddle is not a completely unsolvable problem, it contains within it the answer.  Unraveling that is play, exercising attention, curiosity and creativity.  Patience is required, as well as openness and logic.

As we have just been navigating our way through some strong Neptune transits, this is a good idea.  Neptune reflects the light in ways we don’t expect, creating illusions and fantasies. Stepping back from that a bit is what is needed at this time.

Biting through is another beautiful image of breaking down something into digestible form.  The hexagram reflects an obstacle that must be cut through with intention.

In spite of whatever we think about what we think, and about our feelings, there are bigger laws in play.  Karma, Gravity, Evolution, Thermodynamics, we are, in this incarnation subject to the 3 dimensions.  The laws of this life can’t be circumvented, but they can be known and they can be worked with.

In the Tarot, it is the Magician who shows us how to proceed in this world, creating with conscious attention to the tools at hand.

With this full moon, we have an opportunity to notice what tools we are using, and to what end.  Are we finding we ways to be open or are we solidifying masks.  Are we at the mercy of our reactions or are we willing to look deeper into their motivation.

Writing this while the Moon is in moody Cancer, I almost forgot to say that the encouraging part about the heart centered Leo Moon means resilience, connection and forming community.

Saturn is still in Capricorn, dancing with Pluto, this is a time of enormous change in the zeitgeist, marvelous things are possible, the emergence of new realities, and the systems which no longer suit us swept away.

The last time this aspect occurred in an earth sign was during the Reformation.

Maybe it’s time for another one.