Quite a month this has been.

For anyone who felt the whispers of this time coming and began to prepare in some way, this weekend leading up to the next Moon cycle, beginning Tuesday morning 4:51 EDT, is the time to tune into what you are led by higher guidance to do next. Astrologically, the cycles reflect that we are once again going through an energy portal of incomparable change.

So many astrologers have talked about the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, that I will not be picking that apart here, but I would refer you to Rick Levine who has done gold standard research on the levels of change this conjunction reflects.

What I will bring up and possibly just be reiterating is that this joining of energies is happening in the earth sign of Capricorn which means that the greatest effect will be felt in our systems of management, that means, government and power structures on the collective side, and personally, a challenge to our ideas of how much power we have in our own lives.

The darker sides of Saturn and Pluto are fear and obsession.

What we can use this time to reach for is to step into a broader realization of connection to life, and a very much changed picture of where we are in that order and what we are in this incarnations to do to be responsible to that vision.

We came into bodies at this time for a specific purpose, but no one stands alone in that purpose, we are all pieces of a dynamic that is too big to get an individual grip on.

We get the information we need, though to move along the path, and this information stream is coming at us faster now. There is a pile up of planets in Capricorn, Mars, the Energizer, Jupiter, the Magnifier, Saturn the Restrictor, and Pluto the Transformer. All in the sign of ambition, organizing systems, hierarchies of power and relentless moving through obstacles with focus.

The Sun has just gone into Aries, with the Moon about to join; at every other time in life this has been the high tide of Spring, but this year is different.

This year, as we want to go out and be with people, it is dangerous to.

Connections have to be made in other ways, when we see people now, we have to keep our distance, but we can gaze at one another, we can listen more deeply, we can engage a patience in being in that moment 6′ away from someone that creates a space to become aware of how much we need each other’s notice. How much we need to notice others.

The archetype card for this Moon cycle is Alethieia for the New Moon, coming up to the Full Moon card The temple.

Aletheia is Truth, recognizing it when you hear it from the still small voice. If you are a person like me who has all kinds of personalities having arguments in their head, you can distinguish this one from the others by one thing. It speaks once. It speaks simply. It does not elaborate. the ego voices rush in to say what was meant, what the guidance, what the project, what the next way to attempt to control the flow, but the still voice will not engage with that. You got your answer. You trust it, or you do not.

The way of truth is life giving, healing and shows you your unique way in the world, the way you fit into the big pattern that you cannot see.

The temple represents what you honor in your life, where you take your truth to dance with it, and manifest it. That could be out in nature or in the kitchen or the car, where it is is uniquely your own.

In these times, knowing who you are is vital.

If who you have been doesn’t fit the truth, then it will hurt for awhile as you readjust, realign.

A friend said to me “I just want my life back” which struck me as a perfect picture of where we are.

Our lives are forever changed when the evolutionary energies ramp up, think of how after 9/11 we knew the world to be different than we had thought. This is another one of those times.

We cannot have the lives that have changed back.

We don’t get to have things that are gone returned, or clothes we have outgrown to still fit.

It is over.

This is new territory, and it’s good to have a map.

One truth might be that life isn’t a series of pieces in a puzzle that we lose parts of and so are unable to complete a picture, though it may feel that way. We all have time and space in our incarnation toolbox, and we create within those parameters, but in doing so, must not forget that it is all encompassed by Grace, which is the map.